Sicari in Cyprus: Israel accuses Iran and reveals the plot

Israel-Lebanon border

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Monday revealed concerns over recent incidents on the Israel-Lebanon border, which is being monitored by the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).In a statement released after closed consultations, the members of the council expressed their deep concern following the recent events, which occurred across the Blue Line and in UNIFIL’s area of operations, as well as all the violations of Security Council Resolution 1701, including by land and air.

The Blue Line is a border demarcation between Lebanon and Israel published by the United Nations on 7 June 2000 to determine whether Israel had fully withdrawn from Lebanon. By September 2018, Israel completable to escape from the country just in time.

According to what the investigators had hypothesized in the beginning, the attack had been planned in detail. The blatant attempt could be attributable to the debts accumulated by the Israeli businessman towards his Russian partners, who in turn had turned to the Russian mafia to assassinate him. But evidently, the program of the alleged hitman was another, according to the statements of the spokesman of the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet, Matan Sidi, since this is a terrorist action by Iran studied in detail. Yes, because there was not only Teddy Sagi but several Israeli citizens resident in Cyprus in the plans.

For the Israeli government, Iran continues to be a global threat, and Israel will protect its citizens wherever they are, against all forms of threats. But it would not be the first time that Tehran has tried to target Israel’s interests abroad, both directly and above all through its “proxies” such as Hezbollah. That recently took place in India against Jerusalem diplomats and continued attacks on ships owned by Israeli shipowners.

Furthermore, in 2012, a man of Swedish nationality – but Lebanese origin – Hossam Yaakoub- had been arrested because he was caught stalking Israeli citizens residing in Cyprus. He turned out to be an agent hired by Hezbollah. Other plots had been uncovered in Thailand, India, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, and Bulgaria, where five Israeli tourists were killed.

The foiled Iranian attack is attributable to a new terrorist network of the Iranian Quds Force, which is responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks against Western and Israeli targets worldwide. The network mainly includes fighters from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iranian special forces, the Basij. As part of the network’s activities, the operational plans have been discovered by intelligence agencies planning for terrorist attacks. The names of two senior members of the Basij unit were revealed: Abolfazi Alizadeh and Mohammad Hossein Shamoradi Zadeh. The two are responsible for much of the prevented operations.



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