How the coronavirus vaccine can change the geopolitics in the MENA area

It is clear that the coronavirus vaccine is increasingly becoming a geopolitical issue. The match will be played in particular in North Africa and the


Israel on verge of snap election as lawmakers block budget

Israel appears to be on course for a fourth national election in less than two years marking a likely collapse of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Hassan Nasrallah Denies Israel’s Allegation of Hezbollah Having a Secret ‘Arms Depot’ in Beirut

On Tuesday, while speaking in a virtual message to the 75th United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alleged that Hezbollah was hiding a


Israel closes goods crossing after Hamas-led balloons attack near Gaza Strip

On Tuesday Israel announced closing its goods crossing with the Gaza Strip border after series of explosive balloon attacks, carried out by Hamas, the militant

US and Iran
Middle East

US too military official makes unannounced visit to Israel amid row with Iran-backed Hezbollah

On Friday, the US top military official General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made an unannounced visit to Israel…

line Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Annexation plan: Would global pressure be enough to stop Netanyahu from seeking now-or-never opportunity

With increasing global condemnation against Israel’s infamous annexation plan, the world has been awaiting a statement from the Israeli hard-line Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Netanyahu’s annexation plan would leave Palestinians with limited self-rule under overall Israeli control

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday announced that the Palestinians residing in the Jordan Valley would not be given Israeli citizenship, post the annexation of the region…..

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Government formation remains elusive in Israel over cabinet distribution

Government formation in Israel remains elusive even after the Supreme Court allowed Benjamin Netanyahu to form a coalition government last week…

Israel flag and futuristic digital abstract composition with Coronavirus inscription
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Israel Refuses Women And Minority Representation In Coronavirus Exit Strategy

If you were to look at a general qualification of who should be a part of a post pandemic task force, women should not be

Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a Press conference
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British politicians urge Boris Johnson to impose sanctions on Israel over West Bank Annexation

The cross-party gathering of politicians, including MPs, senior diplomats, and former cabinet ministers, pressed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to force economic sanctions on Israel if