Tehran Manipulates Houthis In Yemen Through Its Iron Man


According to a Yemeni minister, Iran’s Qud Force’s commander Hassan Erlo has been acting as the de-facto ruler of the Houthi occupied areas. This has been confirmed after Erlo’s movements were boasted about shamelessly by the Houthi media outfit itself.

They confirmed that indeed he was acting as a leader. A formal statement in the state media services was made by Muammar Al-Eryani, Yemen’s minister of information, culture and tourism.

The information comes after a recent incident where Israeli forces were intercepted attacking a Russian base in Syria, in an attempt to break down the Iran funded militia working in Syria as well.

From what has been shared by Mr. Eryani, it is becoming more and more evident that indeed Iran is controlling the decision making and movement of Houthis in Yemen. Further, there is no denying that Houthis might also be taking political, military and administrative orders from Iran itself.

In the most indirect way, Iran has been funding and promoting civil war in Yemen and Syria, ruining the whole fabric of life in these fossil fuel rich nations. The economies have long collapsed and humanitarian disaster is a perpetual feature of these two nations.

Erlo has been put on the list of international terrorists. Strangely, he was appointed by Iran as an Ambassador to Yemen. His appointment was vehemently criticized in March 2021,by Yemen has ‘appointment of a military governor’. As a part of the administrative setup of Iran, Mr. Erlo is known to be an expert in anti-aircraft weapons and media reports claims that he is also a trainer for the Lebanese Hezbollah forces.

Since 2015, Erlo was responsible for the Yemeni office at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and held the position of Deputy Special Assistant to the Foreign Minister for Yemen Affairs from 2015 to 2020.

Once he entered the Yemeni circuit, he has gradually acted as the ghost ruler and commander of the Houthi forces and has been using the appointed leaders as front dummies to run the show. Behind most of the attacks and mishaps, it is said that he has been the mastermind in Yemen.



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