Trump Tries To Garner Public Praise Over Sudan-Israel Truce


In an attempt to iron away creases that exists between two nations, American exiting President Donald Trump thought money would be the best option. So, the controversial mercenary President has apparently, offered a sum of up to $850 million to American victims of terrorist attacks in America and Sudan. This is all, it is confirmed, an attempt to save a deal with Sudan to establish full diplomatic ties with Israel.

Sudan has not been eye-to-eye with Israel since 1948 and has since then considered it an enemy state. Before the elect President Joe Biden can come into full force, Trump is still in control of decision-making. By dividing the bounty between September 11 victims and attacks on American embassies in Sudan, he has wished to reach an agreement with Congress to pass a legislation that could restore Sudan’s sovereign immunity and remove it from the list of state sponsors of terrorism (SST). This step seems to have been a precursor to the whole agenda of getting Sudan to seek international help to normalize its economy and to broker a truce with Israel.

All the steps have been towards forwarding Trump’s personal PR agenda of looking like the person who has been instrumental in bringing peace and harmony between Israel and the other Middle Eastern countries.

Sudan has been helpless caught in civil war, that it was being used to funnel by Iran to supply arms and ammunitions.Trump, it is known has been using his time at White House to garner support for the seemingly good things he has done for the American vote bank. For him, his Middle East policy is a big win, which he wants to reiterate as he exits the White House before end of the year.



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