Turkey: Internal source reveals Erdogan’s plan of setting an official Muslim Brotherhood Party


So far the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t have political presence in Turkey. But after extending his support for the extremist group in neighbouring nations, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is finally making way for establishing an official party which would represents the outfit in Ankara. A secret source from the Egyptian outlawed organisation revealed the recent development and clandestine negotiations between Turkish premier and the designated terror outfit.

Brotherhood’s foot on Turkish soil would help Erdogan in amplifying his political standing in the country, which he very much needs given the looming presidential elections, scheduled for 2023. Ankara’s opposition parties have been waiting for this chance to challenge Erdogan’s semi-autonomous reign in the country, who crumbled its democracy to a futile political setup. By officially opening doors for the Brotherhood party to the country’s political corridor, Erdogan would directly hit the Turkish opposition and create a bigger pool of loyalist for himself to wipe out any possible competition.

Turkey is known for its strong association with the Brotherhood since the June 30, 2013 revolution in Egypt. Ankara openly backed the organisation by providing the Brotherhood’s international wing a place to host its meetings and planning its future course including the action plan against the Egyptian government, after the ouster of former Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi. Besides, in 2013, a Turkish intelligence officer Irshad Hoz, got detained arrested by Egyptian authorities for his links with the Brotherhood. Ankara also houses dozens of pro-Brotherhood satellite news stations which reportedly create and spread content to incite violence against the Arab world, Egypt in particular.

The country’s opposition parties have been looking forward to the upcoming elections to challenge President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s 18 years old rule (first as prime minister and then as president) and an expected reelection bid. Erdogan has been using his ties with the group to strengthen his footing at home as both the Turkish leader and the group have a common running goal of restoring “the era of Islamic rule”. But both contradict over the Brotherhood’s goal of setting a transparent parliamentary rule in Islamic nations as Turkey on paper follows democracy but in its true essence Erdogan’s ambitious despotic rule has strangled its democracy long back.



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