Turkey says will not revert from the purchase of the Russian S-400s missile despite US sanctions


On Thursday, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated Turkey won’t revert from its purchase of the Russian S-400s missile defense system and will take reciprocal measures after assessing US sanctions forced over the Russian weapon purchase.On Monday, the United States forced sanctions on NATO member Turkey’s Defense Industry Directorate (SSB), its head, Ismail Demir, and on three other representatives over its acquisition of the S-400s missile.

President Recep Erdogan stated on Wednesday that the sanctions were a hostile strike on Turkey’s defense industry, and they will undoubtedly fail and censured the sanctions as a grave misstep.2017 Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) enactment is intended to deter nations from purchasing military weapons from NATO adversary Russia.

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“This isn’t following the rules of international law and it is a strategically and legitimately wrong decision,” Reuters cited Cavusoglu as saying. “If there was a way to revert decision, it would have occurred by now,” he stated, alluding to the purchase of S-400s Missile. The United States could have settled the matter with good judgment if it cooperated with Turkey and NATO, he added.

Whereas, Turkey says its acquisition of the S-400s was not a decision, but instead a need as it couldn’t secure a defense system from any NATO partner on agreeable terms.The United States says the S-400s poses a danger to its F-35 warrior planes and NATO’s more extensive defense system. Turkey dismisses the charges and says S-400s won’t be incorporated into NATO.



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