Turkish regime seeks to isolate Israel through ‘reconciliation’


Israeli-Turkish relations have become increasingly volatile, sometimes reaching complex level. Their differences change as tensions in the Middle East become more acute. Turkey has downgraded its diplomatic relations with Israel three times, most recently in 2011. In May 2018, Turkey fired its ambassador to Israel. Although Turkey and Israel restored their ties in 2016.

Turkey has for many years’ invaded Kurdi people in Qatar and turkey, attacked and made discriminations against Syrian people. Ankara used the Syrian mercenaries to deliver their war zones most recently Nogorno Karabakh and violated the arms embargo by purchasing Russian defense technology. The Turkish government is trying to change its behavior to harm Israel’s growing friendship with the Arab world.

In other words, Erdogan wants to enter into an agreement with Israel through another lobbyists. He is also trying to convince the Israeli government that Ankara wants to restore relations, but Turkey has refused to change its behavior.Turkey opposes US President Donald Trump’s plan to relocate the US embassy in Jerusalem. Erdogan compared Israel to Nazi Germany and accused Israel of political aggression against Israel. Turkey also attacked an Israeli ship off Cyprus last year. All of this has damaged relations between the two sides, which Turkey has always wanted to restore disloyally.

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Turkey has been following the US election closely, fearing President-elect Joe Biden will take action against Turkey, as he is close to outgoing President Trump. Because Joe Biden is keeping a close eye on Turkey’s difficult politics and has already said he will take action. Turkey wants to reconcile with Israel, whose relations have been strained for nearly a decade. But Israel is angry at the hosting of the anti-Israel group Hamas. Israel, meanwhile, sees Turkey as falsely claiming to recognize Israel and seeking to destroy Israeli-Greek-Cypriot relations, particularly the gas pipeline deal between the two countries and Israel.

While Israeli relations have been a major problem for Turkish diplomacy, Israel’s foreign policy has been free of setbacks and challenges. Israel would always like to have normal relations with Turkey, but Turkey continues its aggression against Israel by refusing to recognize the state of Israel. Turkey, on the other hand, until the end of the Cold War was forced to consider various factors that limited its freedom of foreign interventions and to respect other states such as Israel.



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