Hamid Dbeibah Refuses To Step Down As Lawmakers Ready Another Candidate For Libyan PM


Libya LibyaIn a strange act of childishness, the serving Libyan PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has refused to step down from leadership to make way of a new leader that has been selected by the lawmakers.

The country’s parliament is scheduled to name a new premier this week. It’s a deeply divided nation which is going to see turmoil as an interim government is to be announced soon. According to Mr. Dbeibah, naming a new premier minister will lead the country back to “division and chaos” after nearly two years of relative calm.

Dbeibah brought about his own fall, as he was unsuccessful in holding a secure and democratic presidential election. It has been quite an uphill task despite the UN intervention to get the country to have a fair and square election. The presidential vote was originally planned for Dec 24, but it was postponed over disputes between rival factions on laws governing the elections and controversial presidential hopefuls. The presidential period for Dbeibah actually ended on December 24 itself, prompting the lawmakers to take things in their hands.

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If Dbeibah refuses to step down, Libya might be faced with two administrations and continuous confusion in the country’s running. The House of Representatives is scheduled to convene Thursday to name either former Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga or Minister-Counsellor Khalid al-Baibas as the new prime minister. Dbeibah was an unsuccessful choice of a UN brokered process last year and did not yield the kind of result that the western world was hoping.

The incumbent prime minister said that he embarked on consultations to agree on a new roadmap to hold elections in June, a date the UN mission in Libya seeks to reschedule the vote. However, elections are unlikely to take place within less than five months, since elections commission said it need at least eight months to prepare for a new vote.



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