Israel and the US must Work together on Iran’s Safety Issues

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During Trump’s four years in power at the White House, Israel and the United States worked together to put pressure on Iran. Trump pulled out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal between Iran and veto powers. Then US has repeatedly imposed economic, political, financial and arms embargoes to avoid its dangers. Israel and the United States have carried out joint attacks on Iranian bases in Iraq and Syria and killed senior members from Iranian-backed militants, in a bid to counter Iran’s threat in the Middle East and to stop developing nuclear weapons.

At the end of the year, Iranian officials reiterated that they would retaliate against US for General Qasem Sulaimani killing, then United States and Israel were alerted and sent B52 drones and submarines into the Persian Gulf. The situation is so tense this week that the Jaishul-Hind terrorist group linked to Iran claimed responsibility for an attack near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. They described the attack as another reminder that the systemic problem they want to inflict on the United States and its Israeli allies and that they want to further develop their nuclear ambitions and support terrorism around the world.

Israel, saddened by Biden’s promise to Iran, but it believes that Washington will work together to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Israel wants the US to work to stop Tehran to be able to have nuclear weapon and eliminate the problem they have with the regional states as they fund terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.Israel has also expressed concern about Robert Malley, who appointed by Biden as US special envoy to Iran. Mallay was a member of the negotiating committee for Iran’s nuclear program during the Obama administration. The Israeli is seen as an opponent of Israel and soft to Tehran government.

Israel has expressed concern about the new US administration’s plans to revive Iran’s nuclear deal. Biden said he would return Iran nuclear deal if Iran fulfills the conditions required. This has raised concerns among Israeli officials. Although Israeli officials have welcomed the new US president, but there is no reason to welcome Iran. Outgoing President Trump has waged a full-scale war with Iran and overturned the Iran nuclear deal, killing QasemSolaimani in an airstrike. He also played a key role in making Jerusalem the capital of Israel by relocating US embassy.

Meanwhile, there are calls from countries in Europe and the Middle East such as France, Israel and the GCC for Iran’s nuclear talks to be included in the GCC region. France’s president has called for Saudi Arabia to be part of the deal, but Iran refused any changes related partners.Israel is shedding light on the threats posed by Iran and wants Biden to work with them to control them. The two sides need to work together to maintain security in the region.



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