Sudan denies again sending any military troops to Libya


Khartoum renewed its denial of the participation of any Sudanese forces in the fighting in Libya between the forces of the reconciliation government and the Libyan National Army, in order to end what was circulated by militia-related pages about the participation of Sudanese elements in the fighting in a number of axes and fronts in Libya.

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, in a statement, that it “wishes to deny again the participation of any Sudanese forces in the fighting in Libya, around Tripoli or elsewhere in the country.”

The Transitional Sovereign Council of Sudan’s President, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, denied last November sending Sudanese soldiers to fight in the fronts and war zones in Libya.

Media outlets, however, reported at the end of last month that the internationally recognized Libyan government had asked Sudan to withdraw its forces supporting the national army, which were not proven true by neutral sides.

The reconciliation government is trying to cover up its role in bringing mercenaries from Syria in cooperation with Turkey, in accordance with a security agreement concluded between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the reconciliation government.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry added, Monday, that “the government of national reconciliation officially conveyed from its highest levels the non-participation of Sudanese forces in armed confrontations in Libya.” This is also evidence of the Sudanese government not being involved in the transfer of mercenaries nor sending its army to fight in Libya.

The United Nations’ assigned team of experts report to monitor the arms embargo in Libya, which was published last January, and which stated that the team did not find on any serious evidence confirming the participation of Sudanese forces in the fighting in Libya. The Sudanese foreign Ministry added.

There is no solution to the conflict in Libya except through dialogue and consensus between the parties to address their political differences by peaceful means. The Sudanese Foreign Ministry stressed.

The Ministry expressed Khartoum’s adherence to international legitimacy decisions on Libyan situation, and its rejection of foreign interference in its private affairs.

The Libyan parties called for an end to the military escalation and fighting, to end the human suffering of the Libyan people, and to mobilize efforts and resources to combat the Corona pandemic instead of paving the way to this pandemic to spread more, which can be a human disaster added to the war and the economic state of the country and the world in general. The Al-Wefaq government is trying to justify its field deadlock by talking about foreign mercenaries and foreign military support for the Libyan army at a time when Turkish forces are deliberately supporting the pro-government terrorist groups with money, weapons and ammunition, adding to training and recruiting terrorists and mercenaries and sending them from Syria to Libya without any consideration of the world’s present crisis, which is a clear violation of all international agreements.



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