Turkey Treads Carefully Into Syria


Turkey TurkeyAs Syria refuses to budge on Turkish interference, the latter’s plans to make things work have now come to a point that the Turkish FM made a formal statement saying, that ‘there are no preconditions to have a dialogue with Syria.’

In the recent past, Turkey has been attacking and trying to claim its ownership on Turkish occupied areas of Syria, creating menace and havoc amongst the civilians. Syrians have not been happy with the Turkish interference and do not want anything to do with this influence into their governance either.

Parts of the rebel held territories are clear when they say that Syrian protesters are against a Turkish proposal urging reconciliation with the country’s government. Mevlut Cavusoglu’s suggestions have not brought calm but only infuriated the Syrian side which has lost a lot of people in recent faceoff in northern Syria.

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Syria had previously called such assaults by Turkey a breach in the “territorial integrity and sovereignty” of the country. According to Portland State University Turkey scholar, Dr. Birol Yesilada, President Erdogan is using operations in Syria to demonstrate his government’s strength and ability to provide security to Turks to advance his domestic political agenda. Erdogan’s goal is to gain the backing to change Turkey’s constitution to support establishment of his “Turkish-style Presidency” – a highly centralized, some say oligarchic or dictatorial, Islamist regime. (It is interesting to note that to date, Erdogan’s movements, and plans for his “Turkish- style” leadership mirror those Vladimir Putin followed to centralize political power in Russia into his hands.)

Even then it is said, Turkey is not acting like Russia in its behaviour with Syria. Till date, Turkey has house more than 4 million Syrian refugees, but has also pressured the west to keep funding this humanitarian act, showing his sense of ownership and power.



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