Turkiye Celebrates 100th Anniversary, Starts New Chapter

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The Republic of Turkiye has achieved a milestone, marking 100th anniversary, as it steps into a new chapter, sailing into its second century. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkiye’s founding father and first president Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk proclaimed Republic on October 29, 1923.

Today, the country commemorated its 100th anniversary – “Century of Turkiye”. “Our Republic, which is a new chapter in our thousands of years of state tradition, is not the first but the last state we have established on these lands,” Erdogan said.

He highlighted that Turkiye is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the pride of having a strong, rich and deep-rooted history as a nation.

Turkiye to the Rescue

“From the Caucasus to Asia, from Turkistan to Palestine, wherever there is an oppressed person in tears, it is Turkiye that rushes to their assistance, holds their hand and lifts them up. We take a robust stance for Palestine and Gaza, where Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk described as ‘untouchable’, and we attempt to help Gazan people.”

Erdogan said Turkiye serves as a guardian for the forsaken in the region and in the world. He believes that no imperialist power would be able to prevent the Republic of Turkiye from being happy, successful and victorious.

“Throughout our 21 years in power, each moment has been dedicated to serving our beloved country and its people while safeguarding your legacy. As an administration that spearheaded historic investment initiatives, we are resolute in ushering in the second century of the republic with the Century of Turkiye, in collaboration with our alliance partners and our nation.”

The Turkish President said the republic is now more secure than ever, as its entrusted to capable hands. “Happy 100th anniversary to our republic.”

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Turkiye Walks the Path of Great Ataturk

Kemal Kihcdaroglu, the opposition leader of Republican People’s Party, said they have an important duty to reconstruct the republic, with all its institutions and crowning it with perfect democracy. He praised Ataturk saying victories won on the battlefield for independence have been reinforced with victories in the field of economy – evolving Turkiye into a fully independent nation.

“Although the establishment of the republic is the most important step for reaching the democratic order, any regime that fails to do so won’t be able to provide national sovereignty. Conditions may be hard and tough. But tiring doesn’t suit to those who walk on the path of the Great Ataturk.”



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