US B-52 bombers flying over the Middle East are a warning to Iran


US B-52 fighter jets fly over the Middle East amid tensions between the United States and Iran. The US B-52 serve as a warning of threats from the Tehran government, which on Sunday commemorated the assassination of General Qasem Suliamani. Tehran has repeatedly said it will retaliate against the United States and its allies in Israel and this has raised concerns about another face-to-face war between the two sides.

This is the third time Washington has deployed nuclear-capable B-52s in the Middle East, which sends a clear warning message to Iran. Outgoing President Trump has said Iran will take responsibility if one American is killed, meaning that if Iran carries out attacks on citizens and military bases and embassies in the Middle East, US will take military action. The threats come at a time when Iran has expressed concern over an Israeli submarine ship sent to the Gulf of Aden, which it says is an Israeli aggression against Iran.

Washington, in response to a warning from Iran’s top leader has begun taking steps that could be understood as a military action against Iran. According to the commander of the US Central Command Gen. Frank McKenzie indicated that the US will continue to deploy combat-ready to US central Command to prevent any attempt to harm the United States and its regional partners.Although the official said they did not want to clash with Iran, he argued that no one could stand in their way and that they were responsible for defending their interests and their military. Washington argues that its intelligence has received information that Iran intends to carry out attacks against the United States and target US bases in Iraq from the Iranian government.

Tensions between the two sides have been fueled by the November assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, an Iranian scientist named by the West as the father of Iran’s nuclear program, which Iran blames on Israel.However, Iran is facing political pressure and attacks on senior Iranian officials. While Washington and Israel have stepped up their military deployment in the region in response to Tehran threats. The current US deployment of B-52s in the region once again threatens the Iranian regime, which was initially concerned that the coalition might launch an attack.



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