China Lets Out Moderate Effect Covid Vaccine To Get Ahead In the World Race


China has played a strange game with the lives of its own. First, its administration did not react in time to get the virus under control and now, when the world is desperate for a vaccine, it is getting its own version out; but on the risks of major side effects from its administering.

The vaccine is still under trial and Beijing is already feeling confident that it can roll the doses out for consumption. Its controversial state controlled private company Sinovac Biotech is busy rolling out millions of doses. A private UK based medical journal has already determined that the efficacy level of the vaccine is merely moderate in comparison to the ones being developed in the US and Europe.

Pfizer and Moderna are already on their way to bring out their versions that have been through clinical trials and shown to give 94.7percent coverage. Britain might now give permission to Pfizer for its vaccine candidate to be disseminated in widely. The British AstraZeneca led vaccine candidate has shown an overall efficacy rate of merely 70%. Unfortunately, the Oxford University led vaccine trial hit a roadblock on possible adverse side effects post its administering.

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Back in China, out of the eleven vaccine candidates worldwide that are in final clinical trials, four of them are Chinese. China began vaccine development at a fevered pitch in January, mainly through Sinovac and state-owned giant Sinopharm Group. Both companies have ramped up inoculations at home, even while remaining in the midst of final-stage trials.

Strangely, in November itself, nearly 1 million people had already received inoculations. This is an addition to the existing numbers of 350,000 in September. Inoculations of individuals such as employees of state-owned companies have nearly tripled over the past two months.

Meanwhile, three Chinese companies — Sinovac, Sinopharm and CanSinoBio — are already conducting final clinical trials in at least 13 countries, including Indonesia and Brazil. Those countries will be first in line if the candidates are successful. It is a dangerous game to play; simply to prove Beijing’s prowess over the rest of the world. It might just cost them many innocent lives.



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