Qatar uses money power to promote anti-semitic attitude, makes bulk funding to US universities


Qatar has a history of funnelling money and weapons to various Islamist extremist groups including Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban and Hamas. But what’s shocking is that the oil rich Gulf country has now graduated to more sophisticated channels to expand its influence and vicious propaganda. In a recent study conducted in October by the Department of Education, it was revealed that Qatar has been using its money muscle to manipulate US’ premium institutions including Cornell, Georgetown, Harvard, Yale, and several other American leading universities.

Qatari funds were directed to push forward a key agenda of slowly penetrating anti-Semitic attitude in society by urging these universities to back its propaganda in an indirect manner through some research and words of wise, well-read academicians. A detailed study conducted by the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy (ISGAP), was able to locate the pattern and trace the sources of campus anti-Israel activism.

ISGAP Director, Charles Small, wrote: “Between 1986 and 2018, Middle Eastern countries donated more than $6.6 billion to U.S. universities, but reported less than $3.6 billion to the federal government as required by law. Of the roughly $5 billion donated by Qatar to various institutions, less than $2 billion was reported properly .”

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He added that Qatar accounts to be one of the leading donors from Middle East to send money to US universities, to gain power over their students and their thought process. ISGAP’s research was able to establish a direct link between the funding of universities by Qatar and the Gulf states and the active presence at those universities in groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which created an aggressive anti-Semitic environment on campus.

After directly sponsoring terror groups, Qatar has moved to funding research and ideological papers to gain academic backing for spreading anti-Israel and anti-Zionist sentiment, without getting its name dragged into the frame. Doha is not only encouraging institutes to adopt a skewed outlook but also has been using its riches to silence the institutes and publications which have been critical of the prevailing extremist and hate ideology.



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