Iran’s Parliament has been suspended after 47 legislators tested positive for the COVID virus


Iran IranThe Iranian parliament’s public sessions have been halted because at least 47 parliamentarians have contracted Covid-19, with a dozen of them being hospitalized. On Monday, Nezam Mousavi, a member of the presidium, reported that 47 MPs and roughly 30 legislative workers had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Mousavi did not specify how many are in the hospital, but Alireza Salimi, another member of the presidium, stated on Sunday that ten MPs had been admitted to the hospital due to difficulties. The public meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday were canceled, according to senior legislator Mojtaba Yousefi, with the exception of the two-hour sessions for the budget review committee.
He went on to say that starting next week, the parliament will be divided into three parts.

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Another politician, Jalas Rashidi Kouchi, lambasted parliament members who attended the Saturday session despite having tested positive for the illness on Sunday. In a tweet, he stated, “No reason is acceptable for harming the health of others.” In April, another epidemic of MPs caused the parliament to be halted for two weeks.

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of numerous politicians and former MPs in Iran since the outbreak began. On Thursday, Iran’s Health Minister Bahram Einollahi declared the sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic, citing an increase in referrals connected to the highly contagious Omicron type.



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