World Cup 2022 to witness most crucial diplomatic battle between US-Iran


United States United statesThe much awaited and controversial first Middle East World Cup is around the corner and a diplomatically tense battle between Iran and the United States is already creating quite a buzz in the region. In Qatar, there is going to be a tense match set-up between Iran and the US in the kind of situation where the geopolitical sessions are already heightened. People may witness a repeat telecast, regardless of the result, of the 1998 FIFA showpiece.

The commonality between the two incidents is that the relations have been as bad as they were that year. The two countries have been having a tough time dealing with the severed since the 1970s. Many believe that sports is one of the best ways for countries to deal with such a crisis. It will minimize the tensions at least that moment and the entire focus will be on the game and not turmoil that has been brewing for a long time between the two.

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Talking about it, a political group stated that diverting its focus on football is the best way to deal with such problems. “I think this is the best way in sport and also we should give people the chance to make the situation better,” asserted Iran’s Croatian coach, Dragan Skocic. The official also said that this time too, they will hope to replicate the tranquility which was there the last time in 1998. Last time, we witnessed Iranian extending their hand for peace as they welcomed the American side with white roses in their hands ahead of the match which they won by 2-1.



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