Diplomats fear US attempt for new nuclear deal with Iran due to freehand to the latter


Iran IranMiddle East experts and diplomats fear that the United States attempting to get Iran to sign a new nuclear deal will be providing legitimacy to the nuclear practices of Iran.

Not only Iran’s movements will be in question but Russia may also get a back door entry into international connections after witnessing certain sanctions relief after this. By doing this, the US will give a free license to the Arab nation to fulfill its motives. A former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon stated that once Iran gets this ‘legitimacy’, its nuclear ambitions will have no end to it. “It is better to have no deal and to be aware of the threat and the problem,” he added.

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The current status of the nuclear pact and its restoration process is unknown to most. Some of the Iranian officials stress that things are moving in the right direction while the Biden administration declines to make comments till they get Iran’s confirmation. Former US president Donald Trump withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that was agreed by the two countries in 2015.

After Trump’s withdrawal and imposing of sanctions on Iran in 2018, the Iranian leaders are not giving up on this opportunity to make the US wait and compensate for their losses. Danon explained Russia’s benefit in the process, expressing that even though the US is sanctioning Russia with heavy economic pressures, Moscow is getting easy deals with Iran making these sanctions seem useless.



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