Yemen forces gain control over new area from Houthi


Yemen YemenYemen forces have been taking over the Houthi occupied regions in the country. They have been slowly getting back the power that they had before the Houthi militia group attacked and took control over the majority of the nations.

The recent success came when the Yemeni army managed to gain control over the new areas south of Marib province in Central Yemen despite a tough clash by Iran backed Houthi rebels over the past 24 hours. Houthi rebels are heavily armed and have been trained in a way to always attack aggressively at the opposition without any second motives but still the Yemeni army did not back down and won over the region.

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The takeover was confirmed by the media group of the Yemeni army. They stated the incident initiated after armed units along with the Popular Resistance forces launched a ground offensive attack and took positions exactly where the Houthi militia was stationed. As per the statement given by the military, during the attack that lasted overnight, several Houthi fighters were found to be dead or wounded, The Yemeni forces also managed to destroy their military vehicles and combat equipment which belonged to the members of the group.

It was observed that the fighting got intense on Monday towards the later part of the day when the army and the pro-government militia groups attacked the place where the rebel group camped. It was an extremely important step to take especially after it was noted that the rebel group has been intensifying its attacks on the region. Marib is an important part of the country considering the area being rich in oil and gas and hence became all the more important for the forces to get the access back from the rebel group.



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