Qatar deceiving the world with a peace agreement between the Taliban and Washington.

The British "Middle East Online" website described the agreement signed between the Taliban and Washington in Doha as an adventure in the field of American foreign policy that would give the Taliban international legitimacy

The British “Middle East Online” website described the agreement signed between the Taliban and Washington in Doha as an adventure in the field of American foreign policy that would give the Taliban international legitimacy, which is what the Al-Hamdeen organization seeks to help implement, given its close relationship with the Afghani extremist movement that provided its leaders with a haven in Doha, where they opened a private office since 2013 that closed in the same year, amid differences over raising the flags of the organization.

And the website considered that the Doha agreement does not open the door to a real peace in Afghanistan as much as it represents a “gift” from Qatar to US President Donald Trump before the upcoming presidential elections.

The agreement is the second step that Trump will implement after expressing his dissatisfaction with what he calls “endless wars”, as it was the first step last October when he announced the US withdrawal from Syria in implementation of one of his most prominent electoral promises.

Observers and politicians believe that the agreement brokered by Doha and helped to sign it, even if it stumbles, will help Trump to use it as an excuse to withdraw his country’s soldiers from Afghanistan before the next presidential elections without appearing as an American defeat, in a position that will be counted as a victory for Trump and in fulfillment of his promise to “end the absurd wars”. .

Since 2011, Qatar has hosted the Taliban leaders who moved there to discuss peace in Afghanistan. This was a fluctuating path.

Doha also hosted a conference last July that reached a road map for peace in Afghanistan that included Taliban and Afghan government officials, while the names of other leaders of the movement were added later, whom later attended personally.

Iran, which shares borders of more than 900 km with Afghanistan, also expressed its rejection of the agreement, saying it is “illegal and does not take into account the observations of the countries neighboring Afghanistan.”

“America is not in a human rights position to sign a peace agreement or determine the future of Afghanistan,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “We believe that the United Nations is the body that has the appropriate capacity to facilitate negotiaties/”> Israel_Naftali_Bennett

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