Military reinforcements in Idlib, Turkey continues the maneuver.

Turkish forces: death and injuries in Idlib.

New Turkish military reinforcements entered observation points in Idlib Governorate, northwestern Syria, during the past hours, according to field sources. The sources said that the Turkish army established a new military post near the town of Zardana, in the northern countryside adjacent to Aleppo Governorate, while the remaining reinforcements were distributed to observation points in Idlib countryside.

The frames included tanks and heavy military vehicles, along with logistical reinforcements, fuel and water tanks, and food vehicles.

The opposition Syrian media reported that a Turkish military convoy of about 300 vehicles had entered Syria, indicating that it was the largest to enter the country since the last Turkish ground intervention in Idlib.

Turkish Defense Ministry said that a Russian military delegation will visit Ankara on Tuesday, as part of the follow-up to the cease-fire agreement in Idlib, which was reached in Moscow a few days ago.

The agreement aims to contain the conflict that led to the displacement of nearly a million people within 3 months, and has sparked fears of a military confrontation between Turkey and Russia.

Turkey said that there were no ceasefire violations, while the practical details of the agreement had not yet been finalized. According to the agreement, the two parties agreed to establish a safe corridor near the “M4” highway, which runs from east Idlib to its west, and they said they will agree on the details of the corridor within 7 days. Joint patrols of Turkish and Russian forces are scheduled to begin there on March 15th.



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